KFX/IFX Design Plans

Systematic review of the two models ... the end of the development decisions undertaken KFX/IFX Models Korean fighters have ...

Systematic review of the two models ... the end of the development decisions undertaken

KFX/IFX Models

Korean fighters have come to where the development / 30.05.2012   "seulramat ppagi!", "Hello." One morning in
mid May, in Daejeon Boramae (Korean fighter and KF-X) business international joint research and development center (CRDC: Combined R & D Center) on the job in the film was full of vigor to the researchers' good morning.  Indonesia's morning insamalin 'seulramat ppagi' here because the emergence of Korea as well as the Indonesian Institute of side-side, and because researchers also worked with. 

Currently, about 900 square meters within the CRDC DAPA, the Air Force, Agency for Defense Development (ADD), Defence Research and Development Center, Indonesia (Balitbang), tense domestic companies, including the entire team about developing an aircraft with more than 130 people toward a common goal of a striving for is  ... lack of domestic technological maturity of the FX business sector investment through a secure 20% inni realize economies of scale to reduce development risk

Navigation in the development phase of Korean fighters (KFX) Boramae two kinds of shape. C100 (picture above) and the C200. Provided DAPA   ◆ the meaning of international co-development agreement that was working in the Defense Acquisition Program Carriage CRDC Boramae Business Team of the "Indonesia (20%) as a joint venture of sharing development costs and reduce development risk," said "in addition to Indonesia, Turkey and other additional participation of the country are looking forward to the situation, "he explained. If you proceed with the international co-development approach participating countries to adopt a certain volume, so profitability through economies of scale and helps to meet the breakeven is passing.  

CRDC ADD Dae Yeol Lee, Ph.D., who heads ", but Indonesia is not well known in Korea a long time ago in Spain and CN-235 transport aircraft developed jointly develop the aviation industry enough cases of extraordinary national commitment, "he has introduced. A lot of interest in aviation industry development in Indonesia and to reduce the burden of development costs, increase production volumes to increase economic interests in Korea right off the mutual win-win (Win-Win) is the way it sought Boramae is an international joint development.  ADD's Dr. gimhosik "Indonesia is part of the system is important in the development of a variety of test and evaluation in the field will be able to contribute," he had hoped. Test and evaluation should be sufficient space flight, one with a narrow airspace, unlike Indonesia, Korea, because it can freely test flight. ◆ the current rate of progress? Korean fighter currently in the development of a navigation step. 

Explore the possibility for development of technical systems of the aircraft prior to the shape and design of various systems to perform basic navigation of the development. Researchers from the second half of this year, the navigation needs through the development of military operations (ROC) to refine and finalize the basic shape design plans  to develop the system running smoothly, especially in terms of preparation for establishing avionics system architecture, core technologies, identification, localization range of domestic technology level analysis also underway. Dr. gimhosik "search development is divided into three steps assume that the degree and the current two-phase state," he said. Aiming to be completed by the end of this year as planned on schedule means that navigation is being developed.  

Korean KF-16 fighters aiming to better performance with the appearance of a typical fighter wing and delta wing shape C100 series and gwinalgae (canard ) in an additional series of C200 has been developed in both images. "System development undertaken is determined, since the two kinds of forms one of the final selection will" that DAPA's position is  this separate system development undertaken on whether the variable will be the system development cost and foreign fighters Market analysis with the task of international carried out in collaboration with professional bodies are. 

DAPA 10 would meet this year in the development of such a navigation system, evaluate the results of a comprehensive development plans undertaken to determine whether. ◆ likelihood of success of the system development? well underway to develop such a navigation, the system also increased expectations about the possibility of the development undertaken some of In the "Korea's possible to develop a military capability Wondering," he doubts it is also true with. The same on the response of some officials inside and outside the group "underestimated because the level of domestic technology," said ahswiwohanda.  

Korea's aviation industry since the 1980s, the growth phase haetgie worth now attempting to develop a fighter that was secured based on the field of aviation The voice of professional consensus. Aircraft assembly production in the '80s and '90s production licenses in the KF-16 fighter, F-15 fighter in 2000, according to the Offset technology development and basic trainer (KT-1), a supersonic trainer aircraft (T-50), including step-by-step development through the development of our country is already a significant level of design and production technology will have reached. Puts it gimhosik Dr. been "seeded gakkueot If you now flowers piwoya time to," he likened  King Sejong of Aerospace Engineering, tae, Professor, "On the whole since the 2000s dramatically developed 90 years support from the situation is totally different," said " Above all, the development of T-50 was the turning point, "he explained. 

Although there have been some help in the United States, with our own hands for the first time succeeded in developing a supersonic trainer in the process of manpower, technology and infrastructure is that the place has to some extent.  In particular, the professor, "In some areas, the relative lack of domestic skills, but it is true that , Korean fighter technology in the development process rather than lack of opportunity to be pulling, "said" is based on the entire airline industry, aircraft industry will be able to create an opportunity, "he said.  just to widen the width of developing country exports since the Bureau of Aviation Technology offers a number of secured source of U.S. export approval Ga (E / L) Upon approval by the update or new problems remain. DAPA Boramae Business Team about this: "The United States also have a positive approach and is expected to be well resolved," he said told him.  ◆ secret plan bridging the technology gap  years actual experience in the field of aviation, who led the research team to develop the system throughout the herpes Development of a viscosity increases the likelihood of success. 

CRDC is responsible for leading the development of the current navigation Dae Yeol Lee, Ph.D., in the past, KT-1 trainer, is the protagonist, who led the development, T-50 supersonic trainer experienced researchers who participated in the development has also joined the development team.  well as the general training or supersonic trainer aircraft is at variance with full-fledged fighter. But aviation experts fill that gap highlights a number of ways that you have.  first flight ADD until now the core technology in the field of over 100 development projects have been proceeding. 

Developing an aircraft that can be applied to study means that, as far deep and wide chukjeokdwae is still lacking field next fighter (FX) trading in the form of a compromise when introduced advanced technology being introduced by the airline's strategy is to DAPA. DAPA, "South Korea is associated with the development in the aircraft must provide the core technology so that you can get a high score on the next aircraft project in progress," he explained. To receive technical support does not end with just our hope to receive technical assistance for institutional arrangements already put the means that led carefully prepared.

South Korea Ministry of Defense

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