Jakarta International Defense Dialogue 2012 (JIDD - APSDEX 201212)

About JIDD The Asia-Pacific region covers a quarter of the globe, with most of its peoples separated by the vastness of seas and oceans. ...

About JIDD

The Asia-Pacific region covers a quarter of the globe, with most of its peoples separated by the vastness of seas and oceans. Possessing many of the worlds most dynamic and burgeoning economies and critical maritime trade routes, as well as
several territorial disputes and the potential for disagreement over its wealth of natural resources, this region is undoubtedly of enormous strategic significance. At least at the level of state actors, the region is currently tranquil and its many peoples and those in bordering regions tend to be among the world's most peaceable citizens. Following policies based on trust-building dialogue, and on co-operation rather than competition, the harmonious interaction of Asia-Pacific nations looks likely — based on the desire of nations for dialogue, good relationships and cooperative solutions to terrorism, insurgencies and other troubling sub-state problems — to continue in coming decades.

This conference aims to bring together key national leaders, military officers, academics and policy makers from throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond in order to strengthen the harmonization of their security priorities and strategies, as well as the dialogue and engagement between their defense forces that will be so critically important for the future stability of the region.

Designed to serve as the first of a series of inter-related defense dialogue-focused conferences throughout the next five years, this event will create a preliminary but nonetheless important foundation upon which participating nations will be able to establish both formal and informal programs of consultation, collaboration and coordination — either as tailored individual cooperation plans or as wider, multinational strategies — that will lead to increased transparency, trust and confidence.

JIDD Conference Program

Conference Themes include:

  • Military Operations Other Than War Collaboration and Integration to Strengthen Global Security and Stability
  • Global, Regional and National Threat Assessment
  • The Challenges of Identifying, Assessing and Countering Cyber Threats
  • Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution
  • Maritime Security - Challenges of the 21st Century Building Collaborative Policies and Response Strategies
  • Defense Economics
  • The Commanders-In-Chief Panel Discussion Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW) in Support of Regional and Global Security and Stability

Photos from JIDD - APSDEX 2012 

Prototype Rocket 2.7inchi Dislitbangau & PT. DI

Prototype Rocket 2.7inchi Dislitbangau & PT. DI 

Prototype Ranpur Amphibi ITS & Dislitbangal

Rocket R

Poster KCR-60 PT. PAL

Design KCR-60 PT. PAL

Mock-up Design KCR-60 PT. PAL

Amunisi Latihan / Dummy Shell 90mm untuk Light Tank Scorpion TNI - AD

Amunisi Latihan / Dummy Shell 90mm untuk Light Tank Scorpion TNI - AD

Alkom Fiscor-100 PT. LEN

Design Rantis Panser 4x4 "Komodo" PT. Pindad

Missile Model

Design Rantis Panser 4x4 "Komodo" PT. Pindad 

Design Truck 2 1/2 Ton 4x4 PT. Pindad

Design Truck 5 Ton 4x4 PT. Pindad 

Prototype Rocket Kartika 120mm - 150mm Litbanghan & Dislitbangau

Prototype Rocket Kartika 120mm - 150mm Litbanghan & Dislitbangau

Dumb Bomb P-100 & BTN-250

Prototype SAM Missile Sea Cat

Variant Rifle SS-2 PT. Pindad


Spy Cam dengan wireless system. dengan ukuran yang hanya sebesar koin dapat diintegrasikan dengan wireless system, portable module dan memiliki resolusi sangat tinggi.

 Teknologi secure digital. untuk mengamankan data- data penting dan selalu ter-connect dengan server.  Kegunaannya melindungi dari cyberwarfare.

Thanks to Audrey & durror for their photos.

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